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US Coast Guard Safety Demonstration

June 04, 2015  |   Posted by :   |   Newsletters, Uncategorized   |   0 Comments

The United States Coast Guard, Air Station of Traverse City, will be conducting a safety demonstration with their rescue helicopter tomorrow, Friday June 5, 2015 at 9:30am, at the Johannesburg Public Schools.

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Marijuana and Driving

May 14, 2015  |   Posted by :   |   Michigan Medical Marijuana Law   |   0 Comments

Michigan Law has two inconsistent statutes. First, there is the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act which allows a registered patient to internally possess marijuana. Conflicting with that is the Michigan Vehicle Code, which prohibits a person from driving with any amount of a schedule one controlled substance, including marijuana, in their system.

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Resisting and Obstrucing an Illegal Police Entry

November 29, 2013  |   Posted by :   |   Criminal Law   |   0 Comments

Under the common law, a person had a right to defend his or her home against the unlawful entry by the police.   For example, in People v Clements, 68 Mich 655 (1888) a man was convicted of resisting a county sheriff and sentenced to nine months imprisonment.  The sheriff was attempting to seize “a pair […]

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Expungement of Criminal Convictions in Michigan MCL 780.621

December 16, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Criminal Law   |   0 Comments

Michigan law allows for the expungement (permanent removal) of a criminal conviction from a person’s criminal record under certain conditions. Generally, under MCL 780.621 et seq. an expungement order may be entered if: 1.  A person is convicted of no more than 3 offenses (1 felony and 2 misdemeanor “minor offenses” defined by statute.) 2. […]

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Reasons Why You Will Not Get a Concealed Pistol License

June 30, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Criminal Law   |   0 Comments

If you are thinking about getting concealed pistol license in Michigan, then you need to know that there are many, many, reasons why you may not qualify.  This list is ridiculously long. so I am just going to post it as is.  You will not qualify if one of the following conditions, statutes, or previous criminal […]

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Drunk Driving in Michigan

October 12, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Criminal Law   |   0 Comments

DUI, OWI, OWVI, OUID, OUIL Superdrunk what does this all mean and what are the differences? There are a multitude of drinking and driving charges. The main first offense charges are: 1) Operating While Visibly Impaired MCL 257.625(3), 2) Operating While Intoxicated MCL 257.625(1), 3) Operating with a High BAC MCL 257.625(1)(c), and 4) Operating […]

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Newsletter May 2011

October 05, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Michigan Medical Marijuana Law   |   0 Comments

HOW DOES MEDICAL MARIJUANA WORK?  Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s, chronic or severe pain, nausea, seizures, multiple sclerosis—all are examples of debilitating medical conditions defined under the administrative rules of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.   If someone wishes to use marijuana as part of their medical treatment plan, then they must have a permit from the State […]

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Trust Basics

August 19, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Elder Law and Social Security Disability   |   0 Comments

What is a Trust? In legal terms, a trust is an entity created to hold assets to be managed for the benefit of someone else. The best way to think of a trust is like a box. A person takes assets and puts them into the “box” and they are kept in that box for […]

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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Disability Benefits

August 12, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Elder Law and Social Security Disability   |   0 Comments

What happens when I reach retirement age? If you start receiving disability benefits at the age of 55, once you turn retirement age (65), then your benefits will continue. They will simply be called “retirement benefits” instead of “disability benefits.” Do disability benefits subtract from retirement benefits? Yes. You can pay money back to Social […]

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Super Drunk in Michigan

July 18, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Criminal Law   |   0 Comments

Late last year Michigan passed a law amping up the penalties for a high “blood alcohol content” or high “BAC”. Informally this is known as the “Super Drunk Law”. The difference between regular drunk driving and Super drunk is that super drunk carries with it a serious increase in penalties if found guilty. Before the […]

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