Northern Michigan Lawyer Todd Nye & Associates can help with Social Security Disability Legal IssuesIf you receive a denial of benefits from Social Security, you have to file an appeal within 60 days. Otherwise, you must start over. Contact us immediately to evaluate your case. Put a request for information for appointment. We will aggressively pursue your Social Security case and ensure that the proper documents are submitted to the Administrative Law Judge to ensure your appeal is successful. It is important to contact us immediately to preserve your rights and prepare your case.

We understand the difficulty in being disabled and will attempt to assist you during the appeal period. Our experience teaches us that many clients also have Workers’ Comp claims, personal injury claims, or otherwise must contend with being financially distressed and harassed by creditors during their period of civility. We provide additional services in-house, to assist you in managing all of your claims and any financial conditions while your appeal is pending.

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Click below for some helpful links regarding Social Security. Only an attorney can properly advise you as to your rights and duties.

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