Nye & Associate’s client was a severe diabetic. During a sugar crash, she drove her car into a guard rail and off the road. When the police responded and did not notice a passerby. The police appeared, and being absolutely ignorant of the effects of diabetes, proceeded to treat Todd Nye’s client’s resistance as an intentional act, as opposed to a severe diabetic reaction. She put a slapping, mouthy struggle, and the police arrested her for resisting and obstructing. That is a felony offense. In point of fact, the police provided her with a sugar test at the police station, and at trial Todd Nye obtained expert testimony from a medical doctor that his client’s medical condition from the diabetes caused her irrational behavior. Despite providing medical evidence to the prosecutor prior to trial, the prosecutor continued to prosecute the unfortunate, diabetic lady. At trial, Todd Nye convinced the jury that the cause for her strange behavior and resistance to the police was a direct result of her diabetic crash, and the police should have treated her with compassion rather than arresting her as a common criminal. It should be noted that Todd Nye’s client was in her mid-50’s, had never had a criminal record, and worked at a party store. Todd Nye did this case pro bono, that is without any charge whatsoever, and rightfully defended the freedom of this poor, unfortunate, diabetic lady. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty, and his client walked free.

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