We aggressively pursue your rights to obtain recovery for your injury-related claim. Below are some of the methods and approaches used to help get you the settlement or jury verdict you deserve:

Factual and Legal Research

Today, much of the law is designed to prevent injured people from rightfully recovering for their injuries and holding negligent persons responsible for their bad acts. Prior to filing a case, we do the legal research necessary to insure that your case is in the best legal posture upon filing.

Discovery and Motion Practice

In civil ligations, much of the work is done before any trail. Many times, defendants do not want to produce the records and documents necessary for you to prove your case. We have a reputation for aggressive motion practice and use of the subpoena to obtain the documents we believe are necessary to prosecute your injury case.

Use of Experts

Many injury cases require one if not several various types of experts. For example, the following experts may be used in your injury case.

  • Primary care medical doctor,
  • Specialist medical doctor for your particular injury, to include neurologists, pediatric neurologists, internists, cardiac surgeon, endocrinologist, lung specialist, orthopedic surgeon, neuro surgeon, and many other subspecialties.
  • Economists to help determine the value of your damages both presently and into the future so that the jury understands how much your injury is going to cost you economically,
  • Engineers and forensic scientists, who can provide expert testimony about the physics and mechanics of the mechanisms of an injury, along with forensic examination of any evidence in the case,
  • Accident reconstructionist or biomechanics specialist, who can reconstruct an injury or an accident of virtually any type. A biomechanical specialist can many times explain to a jury how the mechanics of a particular injury have caused the   medical condition for what you now suffer. Explaining to the mechanics of an injury to a jury so they understand how the injury has drastically affected your body is critical to having a good outcome in any injury case,
  • Psychologists and mental health professionals, who can examine and determine what types of emotional or psychological injuries impact your injury may have had on yourself or your family members.


Both before the trial, during the settlement phrase of a case, and at trial itself, proper exhibits to illustrate in simple terms the sometimes complex theories as to how an injury occurred are important to have success. At Nye & Associates, we have had success in various types of cases in helping a jury understand how our clients were injured because of the negligent acts of others. Use of audio, video, pictures, blown up exhibits, models, charts, and other helpful exhibits, can make the difference in your having a good outcome at mediation, settlement, or trial.

Mediation and Settlement

Under Michigan Court Rules, all injury cases at some point are referred to some type of mediation process. Many times because of how the rules are structured, the mediation process forces the parties to look hard at the case and creates a value for the case for settlement purposes before trial. At Nye & Associates, PLLC, we believe it is critical to fully develop the case for a proper presentation in the mediation process, to insure that you get the highest possible recommendations for your damages to give us the strongest position in any final pre-trial settlement discussions.


If your case is unresolved by settlement prior to trial, then we are fully prepared and eager to try your case. We spend hours in getting our trial theory and presentation in proper order and with judicial use of exhibits and the diligent preparation of our witnesses, take pride in putting on a compelling and effective case for each and every client.