Nye & Associates Law Firm represents families for divorce, custody, and other family mattersFamily Law issues are emotionally difficult. Divorce, custody issues, property issues, all require expert legal skills and sensitivity to the clients’ needs. Nye & Associates has been successful in contested family law matters. No matter how small or complicated your family law matter is, we bring the resources necessary to win. This includes bringing other professionals into the case if required to include psychologists, appraisers, investigators, electronic experts, document experts, doctors, and other necessary persons for you to win your particular case.

Custody issues are particularly emotionally difficult, mostly on the children. We pride ourselves in litigating in such a way as to minimize the impact on the children and to maximize the quality of the relationship with both of their parents. Nevertheless, our first priority is to protect the children and this means ensuring the case has a successful outcome.

You can call and make arrangements to have a personal consultation regarding your family law matter. The fee is $100 for 30 minutes.

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