Under Michigan law, employees have certain rights related to their employment records.  The Bullard Plawecki Employee Right to Know Act can be found here: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/mcl/pdf/mcl-act-397-of-1978.pdf

Generally, Michigan employees (to include public employees) have the following rights:

1. The right to inspect their employee file twice per year;

2. The right to a copy of their employee file;

3. The right to insert an explanation into their employment record if there is something they disagree with in their record;

4. The right to written notice to them from an employer that discloses a disciplinary matter or reprimand to a third party;

5. The right to have any disciplinary matter removed from their file after 4 years before that file is sent to a third party;

6. The right to be free of any records in their employee file regarding the employee’s associations, political activities, publications, or communications of non-employment activities;

7. The right to notice of a criminal investigation of the employee by the employer at the conclusion of the investigation

8. The right to sue and get corrective orders, damages, and attorney’s fees for violation of the act.

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