Attorney Nye was retained just a few months before trial in a first-party No-Fault case.
His client’s previous attorney had withdrawn, other attorneys had declined representation, no expert testimony had been obtained, and the case was pending dismissal by a motion by the defendants’ insurance company.   Moreover, the client had a long history of medical problems related to his back, and the defense expert reported that Mr. Nye’s client’s complaints of pain were solely because of his pre-existing condition.
The defense additionally argued that the auto accident was a low-impact accident that could not have caused any injury.  Attorney Nye agreed to take the case.
First, he responded to and defeated the defendant’s motion to dismiss.  He then reviewed several thousand pages of medical records and retained appropriate experts.
At trial, he was able to take his client’s complex medical history, with compelling testimony from his experts and use of creative trial exhibits, and convince the jury of the truth: his client’s pre-existing conditions were aggravated and made much worse by the auto accident.  The jury awarded pain and suffering damages  of 1.04 Million Dollars.

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