Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident? If you have, then it is important that you take the following steps:

FIRST, seek medical treatment. You should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, even if at the time it doesn’t seem overly serious, because many injuries get worse as time goes on. You want to properly document any injuries and resulting treatment.

SECOND, advise the owner or manager of the premises that you were injured in an accident on their premises. If you do not do it at the time you were injured because you had to leave to go to the hospital, or seek medical attention, then make sure you contact the premises owner or manager so that they have notice of your injury and can begin documenting the incident.

THIRD, meet with an experienced attorney. Once you are medically safe and are able, you should meet with an attorney to determine whether or not your case should be pursued. Under Michigan Law there are several unique rules about injuries suffered on someone else’s property, and an experienced injury attorney can hopefully walk your claim through that mind field and determine if you have a case that can be filed.


Michigan Law over the last several years has become unfriendly to people injured in slip and fall accidents. Unfortunately, people are not being held responsible for maintaining safe premises. Therefore, more risk is imposed on you when you visit someone’s property to make sure that you are aware of “open and obvious” dangers. If you can see it and it hurts you, then there may a challenge to your claim. An experienced injury attorney is aware of the various legal theories by which even a person who was injured because of an “open and obvious” condition, can still proceed with a lawsuit and obtain recovery for the client.

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