Have you been injured by a medical or mental health provider? If so, then you should take the following actions:

FIRST, meet with another provider. If you are suffering because of an injury you believe is caused by a medical or mental health provider, then you should immediately contact a different medical or mental health provider in the same specialty. Your first goal is to become medically stable and safe and have any problems reviewed by someone other than the person you believe caused you injury.

SECOND, there are a lot of special rules that favor doctors and mental health professionals when it comes to their negligence. There are strict timelines as to when you can and cannot pursue a claim no matter how badly they were negligent. Therefore, it is critical you consult with an attorney as soon as possible if you even think you suffered some type of injury from the malpractice of a medical or mental health professional.

THIRD, continue to treat. If you suffer from a medical malpractice injury, it is important that you do everything possible to continue to recover from that injury. So if additional treatments and therapies are required, then you should seriously continue pursuing those, both because it may benefit you medically, but also because you have a duty to attempt to limit the affect of any negligence from the previous medical care provider.

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