Have you or a loved one been bitten by a dog? If so, then you should take the following actions:

FIRST, immediately seek medical attention. Obviously, if you are injured, you need to have medical attention immediately. When you do obtain that attention, tell the medical provider that it is a result of an animal attack.

SECOND, contact the police and animal control immediately. It is important that you document the attack through the police department, or most counties through animal control, so that the animal can be evaluated to determine whether you suffer any additional risk of disease or harm because of the bite. Additionally, animal control can assist in determining who the true owners of the dog are and make sure the dog is properly secured and does not harm other people.

THIRD, contact an attorney. At Nye & Associates, PLLC, we give free consultations for dog bite injuries.


Under Michigan Law, the owner, possessor, or keeper of a dog is strictly liable for any injuries that you suffer as a result of a dog attack. Many dog bites cause permanent physical or psychological scarring. It is important that your attorney quickly and efficiently determine if there is a party who has insurance or otherwise ability to pay the sometimes very serious claims arising from a dog attack.


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