Effective January 12, 2015, a new expungement law takes affect in Michigan. A Michigan Legislature updated the expungement law to expand the list of eligible offenders. Now, a person with one felony and two misdemeanor convictions can have the felony expunged. The misdemeanors will stay on your record, but you can expunge the felony.

Additionally, if you have two misdemeanor convictions and no felonies, then you may petition to have the two misdemeanor convictions expunged.

Lastly, if you have a conviction for Criminal Sexual Conduct of the fourth-degree, and that conviction was entered prior to January 12, 2015, then you may petition to have that conviction removed. If your conviction date was after January 12, 2015, then you may not petition to have that removed.

Of course, there are other criteria and offenses that are not eligible for expungement. There is a very specific process that must be used to apply and obtain an order of expungement from the court. You can contact Nye and Associates for a free consultation on a possible expungement on your criminal record.

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