Critical to the defense in many impaired driving cases is an expert familiar with proper police procedures. Many police officers are improperly or poorly trained, or otherwise apply that training incorrectly, when it comes to field sobriety testing. Field sobriety testing (FST) is a barely validated method of determining if a driver is under the effects of alcohol or drugs, and worthless if done improperly.

At Nye & Associates, one of our favorite experts is Tony Corroto, a retired police officer whose experience involves thousands of impaired driving arrests during his career. He now specializes in training the legal community on proper procedures for recognizing alcohol and drug impairment. He also specializes in identifying improper use of the various testing protocols by the police. From a defense perspective, if the officer failed to properly perform field sobriety testing, then the arrest of a driver may lack probable cause and be subject to dismissal.  He frequently testifies as an expert in impaired driving cases for the defense.

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