Have you been charged with drunk or drugged driving? It is critical that you retain an experienced attorney immediately to defend the charges against you.

A drunk or drugged driving charge for operating a motor vehicle, boat, ORV, or snowmobile can have a tremendous impact upon your life.

At Nye & Associates, we aggressively challenge the procedures and equipment used by the police in your drunk or drugged driving arrest. For example, we routinely obtain all the breath testing equipment and data logs to verify and challenge the accuracy of the equipment. We obtain any video evidence of the arrest so that we can challenge the field sobriety testing by the police officer. We examine the traffic stop and the basis for that stop and seek to enforce your Constitutional Rights to be free from an unreasonable seizure

In short, an attorney experienced in drunk or drugged driving arrests will routinely analyze the following information to defend the case:

• The traffic stop, the initial contact between the officer and the defendant,
• The field sobriety tests administered by the officer,
• The logs and testing records for any alcohol testing equipment,
• The officer’s training and certification to use any of the alcohol testing equipment,
• The accuracy of the alcohol testing equipment.

A conviction for impaired drunk or drugged driving can not only get your driver’s license revoked, it can also affect your employment and radically impact your life.

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