The following video by the U.S. Courts has a good basic, and short explantion of bankruptcy.

A Fresh Start For You

The purpose of the bankruptcy is to give you a fresh start.  Be free of worry, stress, and the harassment of the money-changers.  A bankruptcy discharge is a federal court order called an “Order of Discharge.”  If the creditors violate the order, then they are in contempt of a federal court — and federal judges don’t like it when creditors do not follow their orders.  They are strictly enforced, and your fresh start is your federal bankruptcy right.  The video by the U.S. Courts generally dicusses the discharge and how it works.

Keep Your Stuff!

When you file bankruptcy, you are entitled to claim “exemptions” or allowances to protect your property. Keep your dog, house, car, Harley, furniture, IRA, tools, cash, jewerly, guns, etc., etc. Call and learn how you can eliminate or modify your debt and get a true fresh start in your life.

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Chapter 7

A single or married couple can file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and dump their debt and keep their stuff.  If you cannot pay your bills, then you  can get immediate relief.  Stop garnishments, seizures, harassment.   Bankruptcy is your constitutional right.   The founding fathers hated the dreaded debtors’ prisons and made sure that citizens could get a fresh start.


Chapter 13

You can force your creditors into a repayment plan based upon your ability to pay.   You can immediately stop foreclosure, harassment, garnishments, and save and keep your property.


 The following video the U.S. Courts is a good, simple, explanation of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Divorce & Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy CAN give you relief from property settlements you can never pay; and overly aggressive spousal or child support enforcement. It can be highly technical, and Nye & Associates, PLLC has helped many, many men (and women) who thought they were slaves to a property or support payment.

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Click here to see what the Bible says about Bankruptcy!

Bay City Bankruptcy Court

111 First St., Bay City, MI 48707

Flint Bankruptcy Court

600 Church St., Room G-16, Flint, MI 48502

Traverse City Bankruptcy Court

3249 Racquet Club Dr, Traverse City, MI 49684

Detroit Bankruptcy Court

211 West Fort St., Room 315, Detroit, MI 48226

Lansing Bankruptcy Court

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