Hon. Michael J. Baumgertner

A 57 year old of Lake Orion, pleaded no contest to impaired driving, third offense, and will be sentenced later.

A 68 year old of Houghton Lake, charged with resisting and obstructing police, disobeying an order of a fireman and second degree arson, is ready for trial June 11.

A 57 year old of Houghton Lake, charged with first degree home invasion, requested a hearing regarding a bond violation and bond was to be amended to $10,000.

A 48 year old of Roscommon, was sentenced on a charge of unlawful use of a motor vehicle to 153 days in jail (credit for 153 days), 12 months probation.

A 46 year old of Alger, stood mute to a charge of probation violation (which stemmed from a conviction on a larceny in a building charge), was appointed an attorney and order to appear March 17.


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